Thursday, September 06, 2012

Red Hat Ladies ~ WIP update

I thought it might be nice to show how I'm going about creating the facial contours and skin tones. Keeping to a limited palette of FUB and Carbazole violet, I painted the shadows and some of the facial lines and wrinkles with very light washes, building up the value strength as I went along. After that was dry, I used a combo of Quin. red, Quin gold and warm sepia to create my skin tones. I did use a little Carbazole violet mixed with the sepia to warm up some of the shadows. Warm sepia and Carbazole make a nice neutral purple-y grey that works pretty well around her mouth and nose. It's now in the ugly stage but I'm not worried yet. I've seen enough WIP's by portrait artists to know this is going to be alright...eventually. I just have to keep going and not panic.

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