Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Cat That Swallowed The Moon~ Is It Done Yet?

After my last post in April I fell into the worst 'funk' I've experienced in many years, not only regarding my creativity but life in general. I can't blame it on anything in particular. Possibly a build up of many small things that have happened recently. I lost all interest in pretty much everything and generally felt 'flat' for lack of a better term. After waiting for this to pass(which it usually does in a few days but this time it didn't) I tried everything in my arsenal to get myself back on track. I listened to music...everything from Enya to my old Led Zepplin tapes, I worked in my gardens, I paced the floor, hit the treadmill, baked myself a pan of brownies and ate them name it.

I finally forced myself to ready some artwork for the summer season at the gallery. I spoke with Rachel Krino at Northbound Graphics in Central Lake, Michigan and am in the process of having a couple of my Catitude cats made into reproduction prints. I framed Miss Willmott's Ghost which, IMO looks great in it's brushed silver frame. I'm also planning on printing more notecards using my Catitudes if my printer ink ever arrives from Dell. I think they shipped it from China this time.

The only thing left on my easel was this poor cat waiting patiently to be completed. I've added pastel and colored pencil to this, completed the tail and tweeked the background. I considered adding a Luna moth clinging to the tree truck above the cat but thought it would make the piece too rightside 'heavy'. The image is dark as it's a cloudy day here so the colors are off but I felt the need to post something new. I'd love any input on this one. C&C welcome!