Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Going Fishin'

I've always wanted to paint fish. Why? I don't know...just one of those things. I do not own fish and I can't seem to find any decent reference photos online so I've been studying the anatomy of veiltail goldfish instead. I love their long fins and tails which would lend themselves well to some exciting movement in a painting. These sketches are from my imagination, done with water soluble graphite and white charcoal on some odd paper I found on my studio shelf. It reminds me of a cross between yellowed tissue paper and tracing paper. Wish I knew where I got it. The results were rather sumi-like in style. I do like the look here but the search for THE fish will continue.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ellie in the Fall

I've finally completed this. I had my doubts how well this one would turn out but I'm pretty satisfied with my results.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ellie #2 wip

This is my second painting of Ellie. I chose to stay closer to the values in the reference photo. Also I'm going for more detail and a credible likeness. As I build washes I'm working tighter.

The first image is my sketch.

In the second image I've applied some masking fluid to the catchlights in the eyes, lip and a spot on one nostril. I'm starting to apply my first washes.

At stage three I've begun to define the features...eyes and nose mostly. This is where I've begun painting much tighter.

Stage four...strengthening values of the shadows and working on the mouth.

Stage five...I've started the background and clothing and have begun fine tuning Ellie's features.

At this point it's time to put this down and let it rest for awhile.