Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010!


2009 has come and gone and boy, did it go fast! 2010 is here and tonite there's a blue Moon. I've used the phrase," Once in a blue Moon" numerous times but never truly understood where that particular phrase originated or what it actually meant. I had always assumed it meant something that was a rare occurrence and I was mostly correct. A blue Moon is simply a second full Moon occurring in one month. I did a little research and found some interesting facts regarding Blue Moons. Actually I think it's kind of neat that this particular blue Moon is falling on the eve of the new year but I have a friend that works in a casino and she isn't as thrilled. It seems things get a little crazier during full Moons with casino crowds and twice in one month... well, she's not looking forward to work tonite.

Accessing my artwork these past 12 months, I'm pretty excited with what I consider clearing my biggest hurdle which was loosening up more and becoming much more adventurous. I'm looking forward to exploration not only with watercolor but fluid acrylics, collage and I plan to continue experimenting on different surfaces as well. I'm thrilled and grateful that I've gained more followers and have met many wonderful artists through blogging and Facebook. I don't know where I'm headed with my art but not knowing is half the least for me. Afterall, life is an adventure and art is a big part of my life.

May all my visitors have a wonderful, inspired and productive 2010. Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Chrismukkahkwanzaayulemadan!

I want to thank all my visitors for stopping by my blog and special thanks to those who took the time to leave feedback & encouragement. It means so much to me.:)

I found this little animation online and thought it had everyone covered and whichever holiday you choose to observe, I hope you all find some peace and joy in the spirit of the season.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crabby Cat Christmas

With some text added

I wasn't planning on printing any Xmas cards this year because I didn't want to spend the money at the printers just before the holidays. Maybe next year...huh? Last night I was fooling around with Elements and decided to try printing out 'Snowflake Flies'. I haven't had much luck with my home printer lately so I never expected the cards to turn out but they actually did!
This gave me the impetuous to try another Xmas card idea I had floating around in my head. Pressed for time, I drew out my sketch and outlined it with a micron pen. Then I scanned and enlarged it. Today I printed out the sketch directly onto #140 HP w/c paper and added color with Prismacolor pencils and watercolor. I will probably add some text and will post the image again when it has been added. For the rest of the day I will be printing out the new cards and getting them ready to take to the gallery. I hope it isn't too late. Nothing like cutting it close.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Photo Sunset

This is my first attempt at working with watercolor on photo paper...very cheap photo paper. I had a vague plan to paint Fall leaves when I laid down my first brush strokes but the paper had other ideas. I had expected the paint to bead up but instead it took each stroke and showed the trail of every bristle. When I want paint to move and soften I'm in the habit of lightly spritzing it with water from an atomizer but as soon as the mist hit the photo paper it buckled like crazy! There was nothing I could do but wait until it dried. Fortunately, the paper flattened itself out eventually so I looked at it trying to decide what I could work out. Because of the way the paper buckled it created a landscape of sorts, at least to my eye, so I proceeded to follow that up with some tweaking. The above image is my result. I DO plan to try this paper again, a little wiser but knowing full well I will have very little control over the end product. That's kind of exciting actually.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Yupo Replacement

Check out Myrna Wacknov's latest blogpost. She used photo paper in place of Yupo with some very interesting results. I'm excited about this news because I recently discovered our local $1 store carries photo paper...8 sheets for a buck(!) and I've been wanting to give Yupo a try. I think I know what my next project will be.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Snowflake Flies~Xmas Card

With Text

Without Text

I finally got this card done. I had to enlarge my tiny sketch to 12" x 16"as there was so much detail to tackle. It's times like this I wish I had a projector. Maybe next year.

I may tweak this with some pastel pencils and/or some colored pencils OR I may just leave it alone. I see I missed adding the stripes to that little candy cane peeking out of Santa's sack. Gotta fix that!