Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sweet Tea ~ complete

I can't call this truly complete until my client gives it the "ok" but I've got all the elements painted at last. I felt a little pressured because this painting has lived on my kitchen table for the past month or more and Thanksgiving is coming fast. Just about every little detail has some meaning and importance so nothing could be omitted. Also, for some reason, I felt compelled to see this through to the end before starting another project. Sorry if I haven't posted many updates in the past few months but now you know why. It's also time to get this into a sleeve and put it away somewhere I can't see it for awhile so I can view it with fresh eyes. This is the first painting I ever dreamt about. I think it's because every single thing about this painting has taken me out of my comfort zone and much of it has relied on my imagination combined with my client's verbal descriptions. I don't paint children, I don't paint landscapes, I don't paint little 3" long cats or people's faces no more than an 1 1/4" in size.  I guess I can't say any of that anymore.

Note: My client is happy with the portrait, I'm equally happy to report.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sweet Tea ~ WIP 5

Another update. I finally completed the background. I did wind up requesting feedback on a critique forum but didn't get much help. I decided I was wasting time and probably overthinking things so one sunny afternoon I sat down and just banged it out. I've since added a pale blue wash to the sky and will probably add another before completing the leaves on the trees. Whenever I sit down to paint I'm always tweaking one or more of the girls. I can't help myself. If I'm not painting on this portrait I'm staring at it, continually seeing things I've missed or need improving. I'm guessing the biggest problem I'm going to face with this undertaking is deciding when it's done.

Note: the shawl tablecloth isn't bright yellow. It's yellow ochre.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Mr Doob Cat

I took a break from the portrait today to play with Mr Doob:  It's an online digital sketching/graphic art program that allows you to let your creative kid come out and have fun. Of course, I had to do a cat. Google 'Mr Doob' sometime and give it a try. I couldn't seem to post a hot link on Blogger today and one word of caution. It doesn't work well with IE7 so if you run Firefox or Chrome you shouldn't have a problem. Btw, this took all of 2-3 minutes to complete. Easy peasy.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sweet Tea ~ WIP 4

Progress has been slow but steady. It's all those teeny, tiny little details like the grapes in the pedestel bowl that I can not sit and focus on but for a few minutes at a time. Gradually it's coming together, though. I'm still undecided how to resolve that background so I may seek opinions from other artists on that matter. One thing I do know. Once the little details are completed that background should go much more quickly.