Sunday, August 19, 2007


This past June Raven, my beloved studio assistant was diagnosed with cancer. Early this morning she passed away quietly under the head of my bed. She was the first cat I ever fell in love with. She changed my entire attitude toward cats in general and talk about attitude? Trust me, this gal had it in spades.

She was always my faithful helper especially in the kitchen. She loved to watch me prepare food and she loved to eat. Her tastes ran the gamut from tacos to spaghetti and the list goes on. I could call her just by opening the refrigerator door. She knew that sound well and was always 'tuned' to it.

A funny story...When she was just a little kitten she scared me almost to death. It was nighttime and I couldn't find her anywhere. I was frantic! I looked everywhere in house but no Raven. Finally I tried to calm down and retrace my steps. They brought me to the refrigerator. Noooo..she couldn't be...she the frig. I thought she'd be traumatized by the experience but not her. She was busy working on a piece of Polish sausage and when I opened the door she looked at me like, "What do you want?" That was my gal.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

CATITUDE 2~'Gingerbruiser'

I finally completed all those miserable little leaves to a somewhat satisfactory conclusion. Not wanting them to be a feature per se I didn't want them to be too detailed. However my first attempts were not good. I fiddled until I have what I think is a nice balance.

So here's Gingerbruiser, the neighborhood bully on the lookout for his next victim.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Cat in Progress

This is the next installment in my Catitude series. This big fella is taking me longer than I anticipated. I paint a little, look at it, paint a little more, look at it..........still no where near done.

I'm finding I hate painting lotsa little leaves, too. Unfortunately there's many more to go.