Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Working on Canvas

Using Ohmyprints Wall App

This is a new surface for me and I'm liking it more than I thought I would. A few years ago I picked up a box of 9"x12" canvases on sale on Jerrys Artarama . I played around with two, then decided I didn't care for the texture of the canvas and so they were all set aside. Recently I've had a change of heart and suddenly find myself excited to have pristine canvases awaiting my brush. This is my first successful painting on canvas and I love the idea that I can simply hang it up. No trip to the framers, no ordering framing supplies...nada. Love that!

I've chosen to do something more creative this time. More from my own imagination and purely decorative. Here I've shown the painting in a home environment using Ohmyprints WallApp . I used heavy and soft body acrylic paint, flexible modeling paste and dried maple leaves.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Park Life 2 ~ collage

Although I haven't posted lately I have been working. I took my sweet time and spent three weeks creating this fun little piece of cut paper collage, gesso, charcoal and acrylic paint on paper. It's based loosely on the actual park I live in as viewed from the lake which the park overlooks. I surprised myself that I not only was able to cut all those teeny tiny little pieces of paper without tearing my hair out or losing interest but that I enjoyed the process. I Zen-ed out! It helped that I created more comfortable seating for myself. That is SO important for any artist, to be comfortable while creating. If anyone finds themselves balking at have a good sit down at their easels ask yourselves if your chair isn't comfortable anymore. They do wear out, you know.

Note: I received a lovely email from the woman that commissioned the portrait of the cats. The birthday girl was very happy with the painting and sent a photo of it matted and framed. I'm posting that image with her permission.