Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Red Hat Ladies ~ completed

I made my tweaks and added a pale yellow wash to the background as planned. The wash doesn't show up as much on the right side of the painting but trust's there. I graduated the wash, heavier on the left and lightening up as it moves toward the right. I also added some pale yellow reflections to the ladies's skin and it gave the painting a glow it was otherwise lacking. I hope the image I post is close to accurate colorwise. I received three Windows updates that threw my monitor for a loop. Now everything has taken on a greenish cast I can't seem to fully correct. Because of this, the image has only been resized and sharpened in my photo editor.


WheelerGirl said...

I love this painting, Billie! Congratulations on getting it finished. I can almost feel the soft feather boa sliding through my fingers--nice touch!!

I have hostas named "feather boa" growing beside an arbor! Not as pretty as yours in this painting.

The facial expressions and hats look so real to me. Wonderful work! WheelerGirl

Billie Crain said...

Thanks again, Katherine! Can you post some photos of your feather boa hostas on MGC? I'd love to see them.