Thursday, July 02, 2009

Frog Pond~Watercolor on Gesso

This probably should be called Nightmare Frog Pond. I knew days ago this one had gone horribly wrong but I kept at it just the same. In the process I learned a few new tricks to use when working with w/c on gesso so it wasn't a total waste. For example...Q-tips are great for smoothing out the inevitable hard edges that form on a gessoed surface when applying transparent watercolor. I intend to try a second time, most likely with a new composition and maybe a few different colors. I won't be so heavy handed with the pouring either. That last bit will be hard. I love to pour paint and don't always know when to stop.

Awhile back I made a vow to post some of my failures along with the successes. For some strange reason I think it will make me feel more honest.

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