Friday, July 03, 2009

Frog Pond~Starting Again

My new comp thumbnail sketch. I will probably change the proportions of the various elements when I enlarge it.

This time I decided to focus on only one frog and take more care with the development of it. I want to include more detail too, so the frog will stand out more. I also came up with a different composition. I'm shooting for a more underwater atmosphere..kind of a frog's eye view of things beneath a pond. Zhen painted something similar and I quite liked it.

The quandary do I get a greater amount of detail on my frog and stay with a gessoed surface? My solution is to only partially coat my paper with the gesso while saving the frog itself under frisket film. It should work but time will tell.


Jeanette Jobson said...

I quite like the first one personally.

But I know how sometimes things don't pan out and its good to rethink it.

I can't advise you on the gessoed surface and how to preserve the frog details. Can you put masking film on gesso?

Billie Crain said...

The first one had it's high points, Jeanette but the frogs kinda got lost in the background. I wasn't happy with the way they looked either. My new version really doesn't look much like the thumbnail I posted but if it turns out I'll be happier with it.

You can use masking film on gesso if you smooth the surface very well, probably with sand paper. I took the other route and only gessoed part of the paper around the frog. I haven't started the actual frog yet...still working on the bg. I hope I'm able to integrate the two surfaces and make it all look cohesive. We'll see. I'll be posting my results whether it turns out well or not.