Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WIP~Last Sepia Cat...

...for now anyway. This is as far as I got today on the final painting. I threw my neck out so I made a visit to my chiropractor and I'm taking it easy until tomorrow. I decided to create a small series of 3 cats. I'm not sure what to title the first or just leave it as 'The Sepia Cat'. I think I will change 'Bored' to 'Pensive' or 'Lost in Thought' and I'm not sure what I will call this one. I don't want to title it 'Sleeping Cat'. Too obvious. These are fairly small paintings. The Sepia Cat is barely ACEO size, the others are larger but not that much. I'll be taking high resolution photos of all three, uploading them to my Imagekind gallery and purchase medium size (approx. 16" x 8 1/2") prints which I will then mat myself for sale at the gallery. Until I know if these will sell or not I'm not paying to have them professionally scanned and printed. This should save me a lot of time, money and hassle and Imagekind's prints are very high quality.

Speaking of Imagekind, they are not in my good graces right now. I had already uploaded the first cat to their site and ordered 2 prints this past Saturday. Sunday I received an email notification that they were offering free shipping w/promo code over the weekend. I couldn't reach them by phone so I emailed them to let them know what happened and hopefully get the shipping charges knocked off my order. A rep. was quick to reply, informing me that because my order was less than $30 there was nothing they could do. (Btw, there was no minimum order listed on their promo to qualify for free shipping). Also since the late arrival of the notification was not my fault I felt it would be good business to at least give me a credit on my next order in the amount of the current shipping charges and I sent an email to this affect. So far, I've gotten no reply. }:(

Note: I just received a reply from Jill, the rep. from Imagekind. Apparently there was a $30 minimum order required for free shipping. She did say she asked her manager if they could give me a credit but the answer was 'no'.

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