Tuesday, June 01, 2010


As it happened, this turned into more of a pastel piece with a watercolor underpainting than a watercolor with a bit of pastel. I'm glad I was working on HP paper and was pleased it took the pastel so well. The background color was decided for me when my masking fluid decided to stain my paper. }:( I've never seen it do that before. Ummmm....anyway, I've sent an image to my niece for her approval. I'd love to paint Sydney again, this time with just watercolor and probably not in this particular pose.


Tracey said...

very nice portrait, I think the pastels worked beautifully with the watercolor, even though it is not what you planned, I think it really added to the portrait as his fur just looks so soft & touchable. Love the blue flecks in the fur to pick up on the sky, I am sure she will love it :)

Billie Crain said...

I'd never combined watercolor and pastel to this extent before. The more pastel I added the better I liked the effect, Tracey. Kali loved the portrait, btw. I'd still like to redo Sydney in just w/c, tho.

Oddly I had already added the blue pastel to the fur so I wasn't as upset about using it for the background as I might have been otherwise.

Bãpp said...

great job Billie,
jan :)