Sunday, March 07, 2010


I'm really enjoying using Linda Kemp's method of prepping w/c paper. No tape, no staples...just wet the paper liberally on both sides with a clean brush and water and place on Plexiglass. Voila!

I prepped a small (5"x 8") piece of #140 Fabriano Uno and dropped on some thick juicy Phthalo turquoise, Quin. rose and Cerulean blue. The paint fanned out beautifully into some lovely patterns. I got a nice violet from this palette and added a smidgeon of perm. yellow to make an interesting green. Some Indanthrene blue may have gotten into the mix because I haven't been bothering to clean my palette lately. I've been playing fast and loose with the attitude that whatever happens...happens.

I then let this dry completely and came back to see what I could see in the paint and what I saw were cardoons. A nice little cluster of large in the forefront, one in back and another smaller one to the right and down. I then decided to use colored pencil to further define the shapes.

I've been admiring Vivien Blackburn's recent sketches of cardoons on her blog and we seem to share a love of thistle-like plants. Vivien works plein air and I love her expressive style and bold approach to her subjects. Please check out Vivien's blog on my blog list.


Janet Belich said...

Super, Billie ! I'm gonna hafta try this. :)

Billie Crain said...

Hey, Janet!:) Try what? The wet paper on plexi thing? It's great.

vivien said...

that's lovely Billie :>) - I'm glad you liked mine:>) - they are so gorgeous to draw/paint.

Billie Crain said...

Thank you, Vivien! I have been admiring your cardoons and should've said so on your blog. I hop around from blog to blog and neglect to post a comment sometimes.:(

vivien said...

me too :>)