Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Touch of Spring

My best friend's birthday is a week before Christmas and I wanted to make her a special card as usual and every year I wrack my brain to come up with something new. This year it was easy. Winter, although just getting started has been unusually brutal so something Spring-like was in order. Flowers but no poinsettias here...uh uh.

This is a new technique I picked up on Youtube. It's fairly simple but I've found it does take a little practice. Lay down a colorful layer of paint and pattern using colors on the darker side. Nothing pastel. When dry seal to protect the layer. I used matte gel medium. Make sure the matte medium is thoroughly dry before adding the last layer. I used white acrylic. Allow to dry for just a minute then scrap away the top coat to reveal the paint underneath. Voila! 

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