Friday, November 18, 2011

Playing with Lines

Don't you love the friend that enjoys talking in your ear while you are engrossed in a good book? I too!

Here one gal is reading her paperback book and is in the habit of rolling half of the book while reading the pages on the other half. I'm not sure who I've seen do this but as I was drawing it popped into my head so I went with it.

I confess...I don't do much sketching. I don't even own a sketch book. However I realized how much I enjoyed doing the nude in my previous post. All done very impromptu and without a reference I somehow managed to keep her in proportion and her position make sense. I kinda surprised myself actually. I began doodling today with a ballpoint pen all the while trying to recall three older ladies I saw sharing a park bench this past summer. They looked like they could've been sisters and at the time I so wished I'd had my camera with me. I did try to recreate them in a line drawing but the middle sister turned out looking a bit like Marilyn Manson so I cut her out of the picture. Can't win em all, I guess and two outta three ain't bad. Seriously, I do plan to pursue this type of line drawing with my walnut ink and see where it leads me.


adi said...

I really like the lines!!!
So easy but yet so difficult if you concentrate to... :D love it!

Billie Crain said...

Thank you(!) and welcome to my blog, Adi.:)

adi said...

Ohh,i am here for weeks ,months...
Just love your posts!