Thursday, November 12, 2015

More Inky Things

I've added a little white Gelli pen to this one.
This one reminds of reef diving. Lots of lovely little organic shapes.

It's always fun to simply play with alcohol inks and see what comes of it. I work with Adirondack inks exclusively. The colors are vibrant and clean and I like how they react with one another. Most all the colors spread quickly when they hit the surface of the Yupo. Without the use of the blending solution, one color will push aside another color creating a ring or bloom. One exception is the Pitch Black. Aside from the mixatives, Pitch Black is slightly thicker or more viscous and a bit easier to control. It can act as a dam to stop the other colors from running wild and getting into places I'd rather not have them go. The mixatives can be used in the same way.  


Kay Smith said...

These are really unique, Billie!

Billie Crain said...

I know, Kay. Every ink painting is a surprise.LOL These inks are difficult to control but the outcomes never disappoint.