Saturday, August 23, 2014

Second Collage ~ WIP

I wanted to post a quick update so my visitors can see where I'm going with this collage. It's clear I will need to make more triangles but I'm well on my way to completion. The papers I've made tend to curl once they're mounted on the yellow backing paper so tape was used to hold a few in place. Sorry for the blurry images. I didn't bother with a tripod. The goal was mainly to record the placement of the various pieces. I found a way to make quick work of the triangles. Each one was hand torn using a metal straight edge, then placed on the backing paper in a pattern similar to a backgammon board. After each triangle was glued and dry I used a small flat brush and a bit of water to moisten the backing paper between each piece and gently separated them, much like tearing watercolor paper. When completed this collage should measure approx. 9" x 18".    


Unknown said...

Allready love it !

Billie Crain said...

Thanks, Cecile!