Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Krylon 'Make It Acid Free'

I have had questions put to me and my own concerns about working with alcohol ink on waxed paper. How archival could these paintings be? From my online searches the coating wax is described as purified paraffin but I can find nothing about the paper that is used in the process. Is it acid free? Probably not and because I crumple the paper to expose it I felt I needed to address this issue. I found Krylon's 'Make It Acid Free' spray , (link) available at Dick Blick or Jerry's Artarama in the US. I crumpled my paper, then treated both sides with this spray before applying the inks. I found no difference in the way the inks reacted on the treated waxed paper and feel much better about the longevity of my faux batik ink paintings.


Unknown said...

this man, Timothy Eli ( lives in the USA, he makes books and says somewhere that he learned to make book by someone who is/was a cbookconservator in a big library. I bet every bookconservator will know about the acidity of all kinds of paper. Maybe your library can give you an answer. Because how paper affects inks sometimes can be seen only after tens of years.

Billie Crain said...

But that's my problem, Cecile. I don't know what type of paper is used in the production of waxed paper. I could contact the company that makes it, couldn't I.