Thursday, July 05, 2012

Alcohol Ink on Yupo ~ still going

My latest ink painting at the top. This time I went a little larger, roughly 8" x 10". Honestly, I've tried a lot of mediums but never ran into one I could not leave alone. I can't say that anymore. 

More about the products and supplies: Tim Holtz has a blending solution that Wendy highly recommended. The blending solution is applied to the surface of the Yupo prior to adding the ink. She also suggested it be used liberally(I stress liberally) before the inks are added to create lovely soft color blends and edges. It also helps the ink move across the surface of the Yupo and delays drying time. Alcohol ink on it's own dries very fast. You can use plain rubbing alcohol in place of the blending solution but the results won't be the same. I know this because I've tried.

The stamper has Velcro on the ink side and comes with removeable felt pads which the Velcro holds in place. By dropping small dots of ink on a felt pad and gently stamping it on your painting, lovely little colored blooms are created which can indicate leaves on trees, small flowers in a field, etc. Straight rubbing alcohol can also be spattered on the ink to create various textures.

FYI, the bottles of ink are small, .05 fluid oz. each, but a little goes a long way.

Right now I'm waiting for another tool to arrive. An alcohol pen which can be filled with blending solution or ink and used to produce even more effects. Tim Holtz online carries this product but they are currently out of stock and I wanted to catch the free shipping deadline(which ends today) for my next order of ink. I found another online supplier, Nona Designs. Their prices are a little higher but they have what I need now. I'm impatient sometimes.

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