Friday, December 02, 2011

Scanner Art

In this image I applied the red eye filter, adjusting the level until I liked the results.

For this effect I moved the poppy while the scanner was running. I think it looks like little red tetras swimming in the black water of a Peruvian lake.

Here I've applied the 'twirl' filter to the image below.

The same silk flower/bud with decorative paper as a backdrop.

My silk flower simply scanned on the scanning bed w/o editing.

While watching a DIY show today I saw the host create some very cool scanner art as decorative wall art. Scanner art aka scanography isn't anything new but the creative possibilities are practically limitless. I will assume most people that own a computer also have a flatbed scanner so why not experiment with it? For the record, I used my Epson Artisan 725.

I used a silk poppy with an attached bud and some art paper I had on hand to see if I could come up with anything worth posting. I did several scans of the poppy and bud sandwiched between the top of the scanner and the bed, with the art paper as a backdrop and even did a few scans while moving my poppy across the scanner as it was running. For some of my scans I played with the resulting images in my photo editor to get further effects. I did not bother to use a black cloth to cut off all incoming room light but that is a common method used by many scanographers.

Some interesting links regarding scanography:

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Feathers said...

What fun! I've seen "scanography" done before, but not with these special twists. Excellent! I wish I had seen the diy program myself-anita.

Billie Crain said...

All you have to do is own a scanner and be willing to play, Anita. Anything that will fit on the scanner bed or can be passed over top is worth trying as a subject. This was my first time and I was really surprised at some of the results. Imagine if I had known what I was doing! lol

Arules007 said...

Your work is incredible. Keep at it Anita. Scanography looks fun to do i might just have to try it myself :) your work gets a 5/5 in my books.

Billie Crain said...

Thanks, Aleks! Welcome to my blog, too.

Arules007 said...

Thanks for the welcome ! I don't know if you wanted to but you should check out my blog. I just released it recently in november and already up to 120 views :) Need some opinions on it and comments, i need to know if my work is good enough. I will be a new affiliate marketer soon. but for now just getting free information to people.