Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Turtle on Matboard~ Update 2

Here's where I'm at today. I decided I like the turquoise and I'm glad I decided to add it. The turtle is basically done. I've got more work to do on the branch he's resting on and I have a fly in the sky to add that my turtle has his eye on. Working on matboard is very different than working on w/c paper. It's difficult to add glazes as the paint tends to lift more easily on this surface, even after the first layers have completely dried, but I believe the textural effects are worth the trouble.


Jeanette Jobson said...

I like this little guy. The colours work well together, that violet and gold. The background is wonderful.

I wish we had turtles here. The only ones I had were imported ones when I was a kid.

I haven't used mat board to paint on. I always presumed it would be too absorbent. I should try it.

Billie Crain said...

Working on matboard is midway between wc paper and gesso...more absorbent than a gessoed surface but not as much as paper. To me it's the best of both worlds. I've found I can achieve the same or similar effects on matboard as on gesso but I don't have to worry quite as much about unintentional color lift.

We have turtles around here, mostly in small lakes and ponds. Unfortunately, some try to cross roadways with tragic results. Instead of hustling along they pull back into their shells when they hear a car coming.