Saturday, June 06, 2009

Lily-of-the-Valley on Gessoed Paper

I guess this one IS done. I just sold it!

I wanted to try gesso on watercolor paper for the simple reasons that I have more paper than mountboard, I have more options regarding size and if I happen to create a painting I'm truly satisfied with, it'll be easier to frame.

This particular painting may still be a work in progress. I haven't decided yet. However, I did discover a few things while working on gesso.

1. Artists tape coated with gesso will still release easily.

2. Masking fluid can be used on gesso.

3. Two coats of Krylon fixative will reduce the lifting problem.

This painting is done on Arches 140# HP watercolor paper coated with Liquitex gesso. I had no subject in mind when I applied the gesso and have decided I really should decide on a subject and composition beforehand.


Nick said...

Why plan if you can come up with your best work on the fly?? This is great, right up my alley. I'm a longtime propenent of gessoed paper for lots of reasons, nice to see others get incredible results too. Bravo!

Billie Crain said...

Thank you, Nick! I have a lot of fun working on the gessoed surface. It forces me to loosen up which is exactly what I'm shooting for.