Saturday, July 14, 2012

Alcohol Inks ~ more supplies & colors

I've been waiting for more supplies and they have finally arrived. Most of them anyway. Still waiting for the alcohol pens from Nona Designs. I think they were on back order.

I now have a few new colors plus two mixatives... metallic copper and pearl. I played with the copper mixative last night and combined on Yupo with Clover ink, which is very similar in color to Pthalo green, I managed to pull off a decent facsimile of verdigrised copper. Got some nice texture going on as well. I posted an image of my results above. Not the best image but metallics are difficult to photograph.

I also took time to start a color chart. Ranger alcohol inks have a total selection of 48 colors and 4 mixatives available. I detest taking the time to create color charts, trying to make them look halfway decent. All the measuring and drawing of lines, labeling...yuck. Lo and behold I found Ranger inks offer a color chart template (link) in PDF form. Print it out on a sheet of glossy craft paper or Yupo and just add a drop of the ink under the corresponding name. Voila! Wish I had found this last night.

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