Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Alcohol Ink on Yupo ~ continued

I was introduced to alcohol ink on Yupo by Wendy Videlock who I chanced to meet on Facebook. I thought her work was exciting so, of course, I wanted to know more. I checked out her blog, The Fifth Element (link) and was happy to discover she sells DVDs demo-ing her process. I ordered the demo which was very well done and full of information.

Wendy buys her supplies from her local Michaels store but we don't have one nearby so I ordered from Tim Holtz online (link) . She recommends his line of Ranger Adirondack acid free inks, claiming they are the most vibrant of any she has tried. When I went to the Tim Holtz store online, I searched 'alcohol ink' and a page opened with a list of most all the supplies needed. I've been intending to try my hand with Yupo for a few years so this was the impetus to order a few sheets from Blick and since all my supplies have arrived I've been hooked. Playing with ink on Yupo is addicting.

As Wendy recommended in her demo, I've been experimenting on small (4" x 4"/ 4" x 5") squares of Yupo, getting accustomed to the way each different color of ink reacts/behaves, alone and together with other colors. I'm posting today's samples to see what they look like on screen.

To anyone who would like to try alcohol ink on Yupo and is interested in Wendy's DVD, here is a link:

Note: You can contact Wendy via Facebook or by email


Jeanette Jobson said...

I haven't used alcohol inks but am tempted seeing the lovely patterns you've created. They'd make great water patterns.

I presume they only move around like this on a glossy surface? Would photo paper work I wonder or perhaps Terra Skin as well as Yupo too?

Billie Crain said...

I'm not familiar with Terra Skin but I'll bet photo paper might work. You may want to get a bottle of the Tim Holtz blending solution that goes with the ink. Applying a generous amount of the blending solution to your substrate before adding the ink helps it move and creates some beautiful passages.

Unknown said...

I've used alcohol inks and love how they flow.I've only used them on ceramic tile but they make great trivets or coasters. Afterword i spray them with a clear sealant to mke them waterproof.

Meera Rao said...

I am just trying alcohol inks on yup even though i have been working on yup for a while. These paintings by you are beautiful!

Billie Crain said...

Thank you so much, Meera. :)