Sunday, February 12, 2017

Abstract Collage ~ one pass/one fail

And after aging. I love this effect when done right. It can go 'dirty' real fast. A gentle hand is required.
Before aging
This failed when I was far too aggressive with the black acrylic painting when I began toning/aging this one. I am still a little confused by the areas that seemed to grab that paint, though. I had a few coats of gel gloss medium down to protect but it wasn't entirely successful. I 'll be more cautious next time.

In the spirit of keeping myself honest I'm posting one collage I like and another which I do not. Sadly, one failed miserably. Of course every fail must be seen as a learning opportunity.

I'm realizing that there is much to learn about creating abstract art. Abstracts are from the artists' imagination for the most part. They can be informed(inspired) by something in the real world, though. Personally I need a jumping off point to get me started so this is good news. However I'm not at that point yet. I'm still trying to conquer composition. Another goal of mine is to become a better colorist, or any kind of colorist at all. I carry around Quillers' color wheel like my favorite blanket. But I digress....

Monday, February 06, 2017

Good Boys ~ mixed media

This is my latest contribution to the art world and much fun was had during the process. Inspired by one of Christine C's photos on PMP, I began by making a continuous line drawing of three of the dogs in the photo. I traced them separately onto tracing paper so I could play with the composition. I then prepped watercolor paper by gluing down a few layers of stamped tissue paper. I wanted a vibrant orange background but the paint had to be transparent. I accomplished that by laying down a coat of gel gloss medium. When it was dry I painted the entire surface with orange alcohol ink. The center dog is a dalmatian and I wanted his spots to have lovely soft edges, just like watercolor applied wet into wet. I solved that issue by gluing more tissue paper down on the fur areas, then dropping in some black watercolor while the glue was still quite wet. Tada! 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Little Flower ~ mixed media & collage

And another. I added a little water soluble crayon to this one. I tried some gestural marks but settled on a few do-dads to carry some blue throughout the collage. Last night I stumbled onto a few Youtube videos with more good ideas for collage papers so I may give them a go next. In the meantime I'm thoroughly enjoying myself working on these little collages. This one and the last are both approx 8" x 8".

Thursday, January 19, 2017

January ~ mixed media & collage

I've titled this one 'January' because it was inspired by the view outside my living room window this month. Icy, drippy, chilly and truly 50 shades of grey. It's a combo of homemade and purchased decorative papers, silver leaf and acrylic on HP watercolor paper. I used a mixture of tissue paper and gesso for texture. It didn't scan well but it's impossible to get a good photo because the days are so dark and silver leaf is tricky. I've already got a start on my next collage and this one will be 'warmer'.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Mixed Media (new series)~ 1st update

I did something I've never done before. I worked on four paintings simultaneously and this is the result. I cut four pieces of HP watercolor paper and simply started in tearing and gluing papers at random, adding paint and gesture marks...whatever each piece seemed to need...and I don't know when I've had so much fun. Pure enjoyment. This is the feeling I want when I create. This is what I've been searching for. I may have found my new direction. I did catch myself early on starting to judge and become overly critical but I quickly put the kibosh on it. It surprised me how easily I was able to shut down those negative thoughts.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Making Collage Material

This has been my ongoing project this past week. I've discovered a love for inexpensive brown kraft paper, the kind you usually find with the mailing supplies in dollar stores. It's the perfect weight and I like the texture it can give me. When I painted it with heavy body yellow oxide acrylic I got something akin to ultra suede. Nice! I've tea stained crumpled tracing paper and even used pickled beet juice here and there. I was surprised the beet juice didn't turn that funky brown shade when dry. Maybe the vinegar was the hero. Either way it stayed a lovely shade of pink.

I rummaged through a desk drawer and found an old box of white thumb tacks which gave me the idea to gild them. I wound up using both copper and silver composite leaf . I also embellished a few with alcohol ink.

I gathered a huge stack of old artist magazines and chose lots of yummy artwork to add to my collection. I also went through my purchased art papers and cut samples of each. I now have a palette  of papers to begin my collages and of course I can always add as I go along.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Brand New Year ~~~

I want to wish all my followers, subscribers and occasional visitors all the best in the coming new year and thank you all for your support and interest in my art. A special thanks to those who took the time to post comments. It means a great deal to me.

Truthfully tomorrow is just another Sunday, me thinks but it can represent a fresh start, too. I'm not sure just how much I accomplished in 2016 but it was a much healthier year for me and I think I may have grown up (at least a little) as an artist. Something has shifted in my inner ether. It's hard to articulate. It's just a feeling, an attitude change. I'm excited to see where it leads me...really excited. In the mean time I've been busy painting collage papers and going through old magazines tearing out photos. I'll be posting an update soon. See you in 2017.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

'Tis The Season

To all my visitors....

Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Touch of Spring

My best friend's birthday is a week before Christmas and I wanted to make her a special card as usual and every year I wrack my brain to come up with something new. This year it was easy. Winter, although just getting started has been unusually brutal so something Spring-like was in order. Flowers but no poinsettias here...uh uh.

This is a new technique I picked up on Youtube. It's fairly simple but I've found it does take a little practice. Lay down a colorful layer of paint and pattern using colors on the darker side. Nothing pastel. When dry seal to protect the layer. I used matte gel medium. Make sure the matte medium is thoroughly dry before adding the last layer. I used white acrylic. Allow to dry for just a minute then scrap away the top coat to reveal the paint underneath. Voila!