Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to School ~ WIP 3

First pour
My color trial

A quick update on this project. I'm posting my color trial and the first pour. I managed to do a second pour but it doesn't look like much yet so I'm going to hold off until I receive my supplies. I ran out of a few ink colors and blending solution so had to order more. Lucky for me Tim Holtz is having a sale on ink right now.

I really played with my trial sample. After inking a quick sketch and pouring the alcohol ink I added a few touches with Jacquard's Lumiere metallic acrylic paints...some gold to the fish scales and a few other Lumiere colors to the background. The Lumiere line of paint is a light body acrylic product that comes in some luscious colors. They are similar to fluid acrylics. Slightly thicker than fluid acrylics but still pourable. 

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