Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to School (fish) ~ sketch

I've started on yet another ink/Yupo project. This time it's a school of imaginary fish. I thought it would be fun to add some Zentangle patterns on the fish in place of scales. The sketch isn't complete yet but it's coming along nicely.

Something I've discovered about myself...I work better when I have the TV on and it's within view. While I don't have to pay attention to what's on I do love the distraction of the noise and the action. I know many if not most artists prefer no distractions while creating and if not peace and quiet, they at least like to have music playing in the background. Not me. I'm like a teenager that can't concentrate on their homework unless they have the stereo blaring and music videos running. Over the past several months my studio has gradually migrated back to my kitchen table so I'm closer to the TV set and I'm much happier! Go figure.

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