Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Gardener's Cat ~ collage wip

I hatched this particular idea because I've always admired the work of really good collage artists. Patty Henderson (check my link list for her work) comes to mind first because she creates the most beautiful collages. Absolutely stunning!

My subject evolved in due part to the many nursery catalogs that appear in my mailbox every year. I thought enough ahead to save many of them as source material. The plan is to use the lovely flower photos in these catalogs to create my cat and it's surroundings. I've never done a serious collage and realize now I wish I had a much smaller pair of sharp scissors and can already see this will push my patience to it's limits.

All I have to share at the moment is my intial sketch of the cat with some garden foliage. I've also begun adding values and have been playing with some different 'palettes' of cut out flower photos. This will not be a quick project but I will update as things develop.

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