Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Welcome to My Studio

This is where the 'magic' happens

Last year I finally broke down and created a studio for myself. Until then my art supplies were strewn all over the house...paper pads and paints covering my kitchen table, pencils, sharpeners and erasers in Gladware containers in my livingroom. In short...disorder and chaos. Finding what I needed took almost as long as the actual project at hand.

Now that the last bird(my youngest son, Casey) had flown the coop I had the spare room available. My first task was deciding what I REALLY needed to create a workable studio. I knew a suitable worktable was a must as was a floor lamp with a daylight bulb. I'm a bit of a night owl so the lamp was a great investment. Next came storage! I put up shelves and headed to the dollar store for containers, plastic drawer units, etc. I was in business! The best and one of the least expensive items I purchased was a Tablemate adjustable TV tray. of those 'can't live without' things you may have seen on your telly. $29.95 bought me a TV tray that adjusts in height with a top that also adjusts to several angles, perfect for an easel. There's a lip around the tray itself that easily holds a pad of paper or a 1/4" piece of plexiglass or foamcore. It's lightweight so I can slide or carry it wherever it's needed. Since my computer is in the same room as my studio I use my computer chair as my work chair. Voila!


Mary said...

Nice studio, Billie with a lot of light and I imagine a view to your beautiful garden.

Billie Crain said...

Glad you like it, Mary.:-) my home is small and I had to get things organized. you're right about the view from that window. it looks out on my moon garden! i have a birdbath there so it's a great distraction. LOL

Flowers_galore2000 said...

Hello Billie:

You have done such a great job in expanding your talent in art! I have enjoyed looking thru your posting and reading your blogs...

Take care and keep them coming!

Hugs! Bette

Billie Crain said...

Bette! So glad you stopped in to look! thanks for all your support. believe doesn't go unnoticed and helps me so much.:-)

Judi said...

Hi Billie!
Great light filled space!! Looks roomy too!
LOL-I got a tablemate too a few weeks ago-and love it!! I can draw in the living room when I want the comfy couch.
Ohhh-do you get any special birds in your area?

Billie Crain said...

Judi, my studio isn't very large so i've tried to make the best use of the space as possible. we get great birds but not at my birdbath. too many cats hangin' around. i get the occasional robin, junco and a really sassy bluejay. that jay loves to dare the cats. lol