Thursday, November 16, 2006

Stage Three...ooops

I decided to try a technique I had seen on a video demo in my background. Above the center flower I put down a heavy wash of burnt sienna, sap green and perm. rose. Then I used the edge of a spoon to scrape out highlights. Note to self...don't try this again on 140# paper. At this point I'm not sure I can salvage this painting. The paper surface is a bit damaged from the scraping. I'm putting this one aside for now until I decide if I want to mess with it anymore or chalk it up to experience.


Anonymous said...

what about a dark background in place of your ooops?

Billie Crain said...

Robin, i never thought of that. the paper surface is abraded so i'm not sure i can cover it, even w/a dark bg. at this point i really don't have anything to lose, tho.