Wednesday, March 08, 2017

New Collage & Crystalline Paper

May I present 'A Walk in the Woods', my latest collage. This was created with homemade collage papers, found objects, various inks, acrylic paint and charcoal pencil. Really, I'm having way too much fun with collages. Why didn't I explore this sooner. Ah well, no regrets. I've found that things  come to us when we are ready and not before. At this point I've got knowledge of several mediums to bring to the party so it's a distinct advantage. For all the collage artists I follow no one seems familiar with alcohol ink. I'm truly surprised at this.

Referring to my last post, I did go looking for the video demo showing how to stain tissue paper but still could not find it. However I did find videos showing how to create crystalline paper. Lo and behold it's the same thing. There are a few differences. I used gloss medium, not gel gloss which is much thicker and I only coated one side. I also applied my acrylic paint right along with the gloss medium. I used garbage bags rather than freezer paper to work on and let the tissue dry. It's really worth the effort. The result is much like stained glass.

Here's a sample of my results so you can see the effect.


Unknown said...

hi Billy,
great artwork :)

Nice you have imbedded the tutorial about crystaline paper. I will try that technique soon.Paper looks awsome.
I do work with alcohol inks on high gloss paper. Nothing can beat alcohol inks when it is about popping colours. I have used it on all diecuts in my Laos-book (to be seen on my blog at Wordpress).
I must have some tutorials about using tissuepaper on one of my Pinterest bords.
I tried to find you the url, but cannot find and have no time to look longer, so I give you the url of the bords it must be onto :

and maybe you will like this bord also:


Meera Rao said...

I really like 'walk in the woods' - wonderful composition, colors and textures! The crystaline papers look delicious :)

Billie Crain said...

I did you know you worked with alcohol ink, Cecile. It slipped my mind. My mind can be slippery these days. lol I will say you are one of the few, though. Thanks for the links!

Billie Crain said...

Thanks, Meera. :) Crystaline paper looks as delicious as it sounds. I hope you give it a go.