Monday, December 08, 2014

Little S-Kittles

The title popped into my head while I was finishing this painting and I think it works. It's been almost a month since I updated my blog so I thought I'd paint some kitties and post them. I have another feline painting ready to go, too.

I was inspired by a photo a friend posted on Facebook, Tracy Meadows. Tracy rescued a litter of kittens recently. He said he found them under his porch and the photo he posted was just too darn cute to pass up. I asked him if I could use it and he obliged. The actual kittens are all a smoky grey so I decided to take a lot of liberty with my palette. And this is my favorite palette....golds and violets. I used DS Quin deep gold, DS Quin Burnt scarlet, DS Quin sienna, DS Carbazole Violet and DS Quin Violet. With these colors I can go just as vibrant or neutral as I want with no mud making involved. Hope you like. 


Katherine Harra said...

This is just perfect, Billie. I anguish that as much as I love painting and as much as I adore cats, I cannot put together a relaxed and personable painting of cats or kittens, try as I might. THis is charming!

Billie Crain said...

Thanks so much, Katherine. :) Do you have or have you ever owned a cat? Or should I say, has a cat ever owned you? After living with cats for almost 20 years and observing them and their behavior I do have a leg up, so to speak. It sure helps when I paint them.

Kay Smith said...

I love these babies, Billie, all are so adorable.

Billie Crain said...

Thanks, Kay. :) I thought they were irresistible myself.