Friday, October 07, 2011

Daisytown Peepers ~ WIP 2

Since last post I completed the fourth frog and the centers of the flowers. When I started painting the petals I ran into a snag. Arches hotpress paper ain't what it used to be and I knew this when I began the painting. Foolishly I thought I could work around it and I still can but it will take longer than expected. The surface of this paper roughs up very easily when removing frisket film or masking fluid and no matter how careful I am I'm left with trouble. All the other elements of the painting were easily handled but the petals must be as smooth and pristine as possible and that's not going to happen with any water based or 'juicy' medium. I'll have to resort to heavy body acrylic and probably more than one coat to get the job done right. I will be working on this one here and there as my patience dictates but for now I'm moving on to something that hopefully will go much faster. I will post the final painting when it's complete.


Jeanette Jobson said...

these little peepers are just so cute! I wish I would see more here. We get common frogs and toads but nothing more.

I hear you about the Arches paper. It must be a different formula that is used to create the paper as it really isn't the same and doesn't hold up well. I use a British made house brand from Curry's most of the time now. 300 or 250lbs and never an issue.

I'm sure you'll resolve those little issue and have a beautiful piece. I really love it so far.

Billie Crain said...

Aren't peepers the cutest lil' things? Can't be more than 1" in size at most. They sure can make a racket, tho. I hear them but they don't visit my garden. I was so lucky to have access to the ref photos.

As for Arches, I don't know if I'm madder at myself or them. I guess myself because I knew I'd have issues but I went ahead anyway. Oh well....back to Fabriano.