Monday, July 25, 2011

Time to Loosen Up...again

My creative juices haven't been flowing in great abundance this year and I've noticed that I'm falling backwards in terms of painting style. I'm painting tighter and tighter and enjoying it less and less. I've never striven to achieve photorealism with watercolor because I simply don't have the patience it requires or the desire to try and tame this medium. I chose watercolor because of it's unpredictability but old habits die hard it seems.

Yesterday I cut a little bunch of Houttuynia cordata, 'Chameleon' (nicknamed 'Hot Tuna' by some gardeners) out of one of my flower beds and brought it in to pose for me. This plant is a great little ground cover if kept under control and serves to brighten up my flower beds when nothing is blooming. Apparently it's grown as an edible in China and Vietnam(according to Wiki) and has a slightly fishy taste so it's aka 'fish mint'. I just tasted a leaf and it reminds me of the white fish with citrus beurre blanc I had for lunch this past Saturday. (BTW, that's not a compliment to the taste of houttuynia)


Feathers said...

Very pretty Billie. I do paint tight, and can't seem to break the habit--but since I love the detail, guess I won't try. I do admire the loseness you have in this--just what watercolor is supposed to look like.

Billie Crain said...

Thanks.:) Tight seems to be my default setting. I envy those watercolor artists that make the loose style look so effortless. I doubt I'll ever be one of them but instead strive for a mixture of both styles in my paintings.