Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Photos From the Moon Garden ~ 2011

Last year I began refurbishing my Moon garden as it has been in need of some extra TLC for a few years. For those who have never heard of a Moon garden it's a type of theme garden devoted primarily to white flowering and/or night blooming plants, vines, etc. The aglaya daisies are especially beautiful this year and I've added a new variety of Asiatic lily called Eyeliner. Today I snapped a few photos I'd like to share with my followers and visitors.



Your paintings are truly lovely. I love that you have a moon garden, wished you lived in Dayton, Ohio. We'd bee buddies. I currently have to start over as I just went through 4 years of divorce and just starting to feel like living again...anywhoo thanks for the pictures of your moon garden flowers. I'll post mark and visit again. Kelly FitzGibbon

Billie Crain said...

Thanks for the lovely comment and welcome to my blog, Kelly.:) You are one of the rare few that have even heard of a Moon garden. Sorry to hear of your long divorce but I'm glad you're getting yourself back together. BTW, gardening is wonderful therapy. Very healing.