Saturday, August 21, 2010


A stand of peacock orchids among white nepeta in my Moongarden.

Peacock orchid~closeup

Hosta bloom

My gosh...has it been an entire week since I updated my blog?! Guess so!

I've decided I want to redo Pat's Sunflower in a larger format along with My Sunflowers but I've left these projects on the back burner for now for various reasons. I've been working with a lot of potent color lately so for a change I went into the garden this past week with my camera looking for something less colorful and what's the least colorful color but white. Actually white can be full of color, just not saturated color. Currently my Royal Standard green hostas are blooming. Normally I'm not crazy about hosta flowers. The stems are usually spindly and the flowers are an uninspiring shade of lavendar. The exception in my gardens are the Royal Standards. The stems are shorter and sturdier and the flowers are larger and more substantial plus they smell like lily-of-the-valley which I like. It's also bloomtime for the peacock orchids. I love these flowers and have painted them before. They make wonderful subjects. Now to decide which to paint.


Jeanette Jobson said...

These peacock orchids are beauties Billie. I don't think I've seen them before. They're very elegant looking and are perfect candidates for a painting in your hands.

I have lots of hostas and keep threatening to paint them as I love the crinkled leaves. I've never really considered the flowers much before, but perhaps should.

Billie Crain said...

Elegant is the perfect word for peacock orchids, Jeanette. Interestingly they aren't orchids but are related to gladiolas instead and are wonderful to have in the garden this time of year when everything else is looking pretty tired out. These hosta flowers are really great subjects but I know most people don't think of the blooms when thinking 'hosta'.

maggie said...

The orchid is beautiful....but I am impressed with that hosta bloom....I'm noting the species...might have to git me ther one of those :)

Billie Crain said...

Royal Standards are great hostas, Maggie. Nothing seersuckered leaves or variegations but they're real troopers in the garden and will tolerate a fair amount of sun plus they produce those amazing flowers.