Monday, May 11, 2009

Shooting Trilliums

This bloom, taken in closeup, would fit well into the second photo to give an opposing direction to the composition.
Here I've isolated an area of the photo below to highlight the left sweeping motion of these blooms.

This little cluster of trilliums held my interest the most. I love the shadows!

I took my camera into the woods today to get some shots of trilliums. Even though we've had rain the woods are still so dry and trilliums are sparse. I did manage to find some clusters and get a few nice photos for my trouble. I had planned on sketching too but the weather is so cool I decided to just snap pictures instead.
I made it to the hardware store today and bought two cans of metallic paint. One gold(enamel based) and one metallic aluminum which is oil based. The aluminum should be interesting. It looks like brushed stainless steel in the can but we shall see. I'm not sure how the enamel will work with watercolor or with my lungs. If I choose to incorporate the metallics into a painting I had better do it outdoors just in case.
My goal now is to determine what two or three features of trilliums draw me to them the most as subjects. I'm defying my own nature to seek out detail and instead try concentrating simply on form, color & shapes, to simplify my subject and break it down into it's most basic components. This should prove interesting.


Jeanette Jobson said...

Those are wonderful shots of the trillliums. And the paint sounds interesting too. I'm sure you'll find the right composition to make another stunning piece.

Billie Crain said...

I'm doing some preliminary sketches to see what works best, Jeanette. I'm trying hard to change my entire mindset when viewing a subject. It ain't easy. lol