Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Miss Willmott~First Trial

Still fiddling with the composition on this! I also used the Fabriano Uno 140# paper. IMO, it's lousy for glazing but I managed to get some interesting effects in the background. I was slapping on paint, spraying it down with water, rolling my board and letting it do it's thing. I had water and paint everywhere. Man, it was fun! After cropping, this wound up approx. 18" x 13 1/2" and I 'virtually' framed it with a white mat and frosted pewter frame. My palette was primarily Daniel Smith Moonglow and Phthalo green(I think I got a little FUB in there somewhere for good measure).

Any and all opinions are welcome on this one. The photo isn't the best(it's yellow-y) but it's cloudy today so it's the best I can do for now. When we get some sun I'll repost this.


Mary said...

I love this Billie! The effect in the background is very appealing and I love the soft way in shich you worked the flower.

Billie Crain said...

thanks, Mary.:) i rarely 'float' a flower but the stem system on these plants isn't much to look at. i may adjust a few things here and there.

vivien said...

I agree that I don't normally like floating but this is lovely and just right and the limited colour range is beautiful

and the framing is spot on to play up the image.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Oh yeah....that's working for me alright. Love the background, the colours work very well for this plant. I wish I could stand and look over your shoulder while you do that and learn.

A little step by step would be nice one of these days :)

Billie Crain said...

Vivien, i do think the floating works on this one. i wanted Miss Willmott to appear 'ghostly' and ethereal. i also wanted to be able to frame her in silver or pewter so that influenced my palette. anywhere i can find a place to use DS Moonglow is ok with me. i adore this color!

Billie Crain said...

oh good! i'm glad you like it, Jeanette.:) this was not only my first time using a half sheet(large for me) but the Uno paper forces me to step outside my usual technique and experiment. it's not as forgiving as Artistico when it comes to large areas/washes.

as for a demo..this one would've had to been on video.*lol* i started with a very light sketch on my paper because i didn't want pencil lines on the finished piece. after i started laying down paint i realized my sketch was too light and i could no longer see it! i started working on the center and bracts of flower, then quickly realized i was totally and completely lost.

at that point i started on the background to define the bloom and that's where it got interesting. paint will move on this paper extremely well if given enough water and movement. going back in to tweak is out of the question. no time to snap photos...i had to keep going! i'm sure i must have looked rather frantic during all this. probably would've made great viewing on YouTube.

Sumariel said...

Billy, that is truly a beauty, glad I stopped by to see what you were doing!!! You have been movin and shaking!!!

Billie Crain said...

Suzi! Hi stranger.:D good to see you. thank you for your comment. i've been checking your blog, too and see you've also been busy. it's good to see you posting again.:)

Sumariel said...

I have missed all of you at Wetcanvas, but had not had a connection to the internet that was to my own computer, my SIL's is pretty loaded down with lessons for my nephew who is home schooled as he has difficulty coping with regular classes (abipolar, schizo-affective) the meds will do well with one or the other disorder, but seem to bog down when dealing with both. I hadn't wanted to do much posting on that 'puter, as it is as old as mine, and not much more powerful.

They now have it set up so I am on a wireless connection with their ISP, makes it nice, I don't have to go from puter to puter with my graphics. so am back at it, yes, I have been busy, though not as much as I want or should. I am kinda dragging along, my leg is doing that draining stuff again. It is getting better, and I'll be back on my game, so look for more.

I am impressed with the quality of your work, lookin good there, lady!!