Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sexy Sixty Somethin's ~ mixed media

Watercolor, marker and cut paper collage on w/c paper

My best friend's 65th birthday is nearing and I wanted to create a special card that would give her a laugh. She's had a rough few months. In September she had a stroke that left her paralyzed on the right side and affected her speech. Bad enough for anyone but especially for her as she loves to be on the go-go-go. Her speech has come back and this past week she took her first steps with a walker. At the rate she's now recovering I wouldn't be surprised to see her walking without the walker very soon. We've been friends since the 4th grade and we'll both be 65 very soon hence the title.


Unknown said...

Wow Billy,
I think it is one of the best things you have made ever. And I am sure your friend will laugh when she gets it. Lovely colours too.

Billie Crain said...

Well, thank you so much, Cecile! What a wonderful comment. :)

Shelley Whiting's art said...

I love this picture. The personalities are adorable and lots of fun.

Shelley Whiting's art said...

I love this picture. The people are fun and lots of fun.