Sunday, December 08, 2013

Pecking Order ~ WIP 2

With flash
Without flash

I'm trying to spend just a few hours at a time working on this to avoid breathing too many fumes but it's really difficult when I get in the zone. I've got the chickens finished but it's hard to tell from these images. I tried photographing twice, once with and once without flash and got varying results, neither of which turned out well. I used Ranger's Pearl mixative on the white chickens and the flash lit the ink up like crazy because this particular ink contains iridescent particles. Without flash the painting looks dull but the quilted effect from the waxed paper is less apparent. I decided I'm going to post both images because with all these gloomy days(and no sun predicted in the foreseeable future) I doubt I'll be able to do better before the painting is done.


Unknown said...

Wonderful !
I often work witm metalic paints, glimmermists and iridescent embossing powders ( esp in my altered books) and no photo does them right.
In one picture even simple black acrylpaint turned up golden.
But your 2 pictures together give a good look about your painting. And I like it :)

Billie Crain said...

Thanks, Cecile. :) I love metallics/iridescents but often hesitate to use them because they photograph and scan so poorly. Black is another problematic color unfortunately. If I can ever get a decent photograph of this painting it will probably be a wonder.