Friday, July 12, 2013

House on Thistle Downs Drive ~ WIP 2

Last night and today I've been tweaking my original sketch. Well, actually I drew an entirely new sketch and played with the angles and textures. I added a few whimsical touches as well. I'm not finished with it yet but I wanted to post an update and see it on the monitor. Mistakes can become glaring on a computer screen that aren't so apparent on the easel. I worked with a lot of charcoal and Micron pen to see what this might look like upon completion. While studying Lumila's work I noted that success with this style depends a lot on the right distribution of small(fine) and large(heavy) textures, variations of mark making and shapes. It's about throwing perspective to the wind and simply putting things where the artist wants to see them. This style suits me on so many levels. I love whimsy, I'm lousy at perspective and it should fit nicely into my goal of creating a consistent body of work. Win, win.

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