Sunday, June 09, 2013

Hostile Takeover ~ fighting roosters

I had an idea of adding fighting roosters to my corporate chicken collection. Somehow it seemed appropriate. Anyway, I thought if I planned to paint them I should see them in action so I browsed some Youtube videos. No illegal cock fights to the death, just barnyard quarrels. It was fascinating to watch these birds spar off. They mean business! Each rooster will fan it's neck feathers out to create an impressive frill or mane as the first act of aggression. With heads down they circle each other, looking for an opening much like human wrestlers. Then the feet with those sharp talons and leg spurs will start to fly. The loser was bested when the opposition was able to plant himself on the other's back. I do know some roosters will fight to the death but thankfully the pair I watched did not.

I couldn't help but look at all the various roosters online and found a breed, the Asil or Aseel that is bred specifically for it's aggression. It's bred in the Middle East and is a rather odd, almost prehistoric looking bird. Tall, very small breasted and very long legged, it's a formidable looking creature:

This painting was a quicky. I did a freehand sketch directly on my working paper and worked fast with broad, expressive strokes to hopefully capture the action and violence. This is mostly transparent watercolor, a touch of India ink and Caran D'Ache water soluble crayon.

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