Sunday, March 10, 2013

Studio Cat 2 ~ sketch

First sketch for Studio Cat 2. I wanted to include the same elements and shapes from the first painting but switched around. Working off a basic theme/concept but with a purely decorative intention is proving to be a challenge. The flowers will be on the vase, not in it. I wanted to keep the fan shapes from the tray and also the stripes. The fan shape has now become a Japanese paper fan, the stripes are on the 'wallpaper'. The cat has been stylized and will remain completely white. I borrowed the tea cup in the lower right corner from one of Shirley's pieces. Thanks, Shirley!


Feathers said...

I love watching what you're doing--You are inspiring! Hard to imagine you as fearful. LOL! I know a lot of time and thought is going into this learning phase. -Anita.

Billie Crain said...

Thanks, Anita. :) Me fearful? I approach every watercolor painting like I'm going into battle, even after several years working with this medium! I doubt I'll ever feel completely confident when working with w/c. That's why it scares me and that's why I love it. It never gets boring.