Friday, January 18, 2013

Another Doob Cat w/GIMP

When I'm stuck or between projects I love to play with Mr Doob ,a free online digital art program. This is my latest 'Doob Cat'. I'm getting better at drawing with my computer mouse. I'm also getting better using the editing tools in GIMP, a photo editing program that has many of the capabilities of Adobe Elements. GIMP is also available online for free download. The cat was 'drawn' in black on a white background with the various brushes/effects that Doob offers, saved to My Pictures and then opened in GIMP where I added color and more shape with GIMP's various tools and brushes. The first image is how my cat looked after I initially created it in Mr Doob. The second image is the results after adding color and effects with GIMP.  (hot link)


Kay Smith said...

I love this kitty, Billie, he is so tough looking yet sweet.

Billie Crain said...

Thanks, Kay!