Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Dip into Digital Art

I'm not a huge fan of digital art but if it's done really well I can certainly appreciate it. The skill level and work involved in creating something visually stunning and/or unique using computer technology is a part of the future of art.

These pieces, which I just uploaded, are not one of those stunning and unique bits of artwork I speak of but I thought they were kind of cool so I'm posting them. I filled a vase with a bouquet of chive blossoms and created a still life with a cluster of grapes and a bell pepper, then photographed it. I began to play in my photo editor and voila! Art!

Truth be told, I ran into issues with my collage so that's staring at me from my studio table begging for a solution and I haven't picked up a brush in awhile. I had to create something today so this is it.

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