Sunday, January 29, 2012

Feeeed Us, Seymour!

I had loads of fun painting this one. It's a type of floral I don't recall seeing any other artist render in any medium before although I'm sure some have.

I love Venus fly traps. These little carnivorus beauties are near and dear to my heart. I always had one or two when I was growing up. I loved to feed them tiny bits of raw hamburger and the occasional fly and watch their 'jaws' close around the prey. It was fun to stick my finger in those jaws, too.

For my palette I used vivid green, perylene green, perylene maroon, dioxazine purple, Quin. red, pyrrol red and aureolin yellow. I tinted some white gouache to add a few highlights. I also used salt, a piece of plastic wrap and some splattering to add background interest.


Feathers said...

What fun! You seem to have broken through the block you felt you were experiencing. Love the Venus Fly Trap. they are so interesting-the background works really well, bringing the focus on the subject.

Billie Crain said...

Yup...I think the juices have begun to flow again, Anita.:) As for my subjects, they've always brought a smile to my face. I find them very fascinating as well.