Friday, September 09, 2011

Donny ~ Complete


Better photo, colors/values more true to life. Donny has also been slightly revised. Marcia told me the dark area on the left side of his face by his whiskers was more than likely a tear stain, common in Persians because of their tear duct issues and particularly apparent on the white haired of the breed.

I just completed Donny. I added a little soft pastel to his body fur and white gouache to his tail to give it that feathery fur look. I used primarily DS Moonglow, DS Indigo and warm sepia throughout the painting. The only exceptions were a bit of cerulean blue and FUB for his eyes and permanent rose for his tongue and one ear. I'm very pleased I went with the pedestal. Donny has a habit of perching on top of hampers, trash bins, etc. The Greek pedestal will bring him up in the world in other ways.

I created a panorama of Marcia's three furbabies so I could see what they will look like hanging together. Umm...not bad. Donny does stand out, though!


Jeanette Jobson said...

Thats a grand array of cat regality you have Billie. They're all beautiful and bring out the solidity and fur mass of the animal.

You have a nice little series going there. Beautiful.

Billie Crain said...

Thx, Jeanette.:) This is Marcia's entire crew of kitties and she's happy with the final. I learned something new about Persians along the way, too.