Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Easel!

I just bought my very first easel! What(?!) you say? Truthfully, I probably would still be propping my work up against a wall or on boxes to work but after finishing my drawing of the peacock orchids I realized there was no way I could handle this large of a format without an easel. I found a great deal at Jerry's Artarama on a Renoir tabletop model (link). It cost about half what some of the tabletops I looked at were priced and Jerry's was even having a sale on the usual sale at the time. Got this for $39.99 US. I always miss sales so I was delighted to have caught this one. It just arrived this past Friday and I love it. It has a storage drawer with adjustable partitions, weighs practically nothing and will adjust to angles 0°-90°. Perfect for watercolor.


Anonymous said...

How exciting Billie. You are rockin' and rollin'. I am sure it will be a rewarding purchase.
Good for you for treating yourself.

Billie Crain said...

I've got a feeling I'm soon going to wonder how I ever got along w/o an easel, Robin.

maggie said...

I believe I am jealous...checking.....why yes, yes I am jealous.....great buy Billie!!!

Billie Crain said...

LOL! Thanks, Maggie.:) Believe me...I miss sooo many sales, usually by a small margin of time. For once I got lucky.