Friday, September 11, 2009

Searching for Inspiration

Fern Canyon in Northern California.

It's like walking into another world.

The Fern Canyon photos have rekindled my desire to try a landscape. I remember how I felt walking into that canyon even after all these years. So lush and green, I felt cradled and safe there for some reason.

I'm absolutely dwarfed by this giant! It just keeps going up & up.

Me & a tree

The Redwoods

Morro Bay

Trolley scene in SF

Today I got out some old snapshots of my trip along the California coastline from San Diego to Klamath in hopes of getting my creative juices flowing again. These photos sure brought back great memories. San Fran. was the most amazing city I've ever visited and I now know where all the old hippies went after the 70' Mill Valley. Jeff Beck's instrumental, 'Girl From Mill Valley' is still one of my favorite pieces of music. The Redwoods simply blew me away. So ancient yet still stately and proud. Walking among them I felt as though I had entered Nature's cathedral. The banana slugs that dwell below these incredible trees made me realize that Nature has a sense of humor, too.


Krista Hasson said...

Wow what great photos, the trolley scene would make an awesome painting, so would the others too.

Jeanette said...

What a gorgeous place! I can see the attraction and the inspiration it would give. You have me wanting to go there now! Time you revisited for sure, at least in paints.

Pedro Garcia Millan said...
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Stacy said...

I can see how these photos would provide inspiration! The ones of Fern Valley and the top of the redwoods are absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see your new paintings.

Billie Crain said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies.:)

Krista, I love the trolley scene but that perspective thing concerns me. I'm not strong using perspective but I may give it a go just to see if I can pull it off.

Jeanette, So. Ca. is lovely but northern Ca. is a 'must see'. SF is like no other city I've seen and the Redwoods are just unbelievable. It's the only place in the world these trees grow and some are older than Christ.

Stacy, I agree about fern canyon and the forest scenes. I spent so much time in the Michigan woods as a kid so I feel more familiar with these subjects. We sure don't have anything like those Redwoods around here, tho! said...

good morn .. out visiting...
the Redwoods are incredibly amazing..
hope that works for you....
fantastic blog....

its going to be gorgeous here in Eugene Oregon area today...hope you see some sun 2..
mona & the girls

Billie Crain said...

Welcome to my blog, Mona & girls.:) Thanks for your comment on my blog, too.

I would've loved to have made it all the way to Oregon but time ran out. The Redwoods are killer, IMO. I'd set up housekeeping there if it was allowed.

We are finally having our summer (and sun)in Sept. here in Mich. Better late than never.

perugina said...

Hi Billie!
Photos have that amazing ability to transport you back in time and instantaneously have you recalling memories of a past time.
I am blown away by the Redwoods!!! I’ve never seen trees like this! How awesome it must have been to be in such presence!
I loved reading your comment ”Walking among them I felt as though I had entered Nature's cathedral”.

Billie Crain said...

You would flip if you saw the Redwoods, Perugina! They are nothing short of spectacular. They are so incredibly old and have such majesty about them it's a spirtual experience walking in this forest, hence the cathedral reference.