Sunday, June 21, 2009

Who Can Understand Cats?

Cute but not my idea of a house pet.
He knows it's there. He brought it in! Does he care? No!

Because I sure can't! Today while I was working on a painting, Digby, my male cat brought me a little 'present'. A chipmunk...alive! He proceeded to turn it loose in the house and shortly afterwards, casually sauntered back outside. }:-( There was a day when my cats brought me presents but none were alive and kicking when they arrived. If any unfortunate critter happened to get in the house it would've been bedlam. They'd have been in hot pursuit, scrambling under and over things, knocking over furniture and plants with the chase ending in bloodshed. I think they're getting old, or lazy...or both. Or maybe Digby thought I needed a new pet? Who knows.........


Jeanette Jobson said...

OMG!!! You're living my worst nightmare!! That the cat bring in something that's still mobile!

Good I guess for the victim, but bad for you as you never know where it will go or when the cat will react again. Likely middle of the night!

Good luck with this one...

Billie Crain said...

Raven used to bring in live garter snakes so I've seen this behavior before but I never expected it from Digby! He's brought down young ducks, doves, seagulls(you name it) and he's never taken 'prisoners' until yesterday. The only thing he won't tackle are wild turkeys and skunks. I have no idea what's gotten into him.

I did have a young possum wander in one summer night about two years ago and all three cats acted like it was part of the family. Not sure what that was about either.(?) The possum spent the night in the house(I could not catch it, try as I may)and the next morning I was able to grab it and boot it out unharmed.

I 'think' the chippy is gone. I haven't heard any scuttling about or seen it today. I've got my fingers crossed it found it's own way out. I left all my doors wide open until late last night and maybe it found one.